Re Unlicensed Lettings (Readers letters yesterday) A reply to Carol Evans of Cala Vinyes.
Dear Sir,
I think all genuine rental property owners will agree agree whole heartedly with your concerns. But there are already laws in place. To be legal, owners must issue the correct rental contract, and of course keep records and pay taxes on their income, just like any other business activity.
Naturally I understand all of your fears, but the issues you raise are about the lack of compliance with the law by some landlords, and the lack of enforcement of the law by the authorities.
We are surrounded by many other examples of this of course, and just like any other infringement it can be reported to the police, perhaps following a respectful warning to the offender.
A blanket ban on an activity that serves a legitimate and growing demand, which promotes our island and helps to finance our economy, is nothing more than a move to favour wealthy hotel ownerDoes anybody doubt that the hoteliers are the very worst offenders in bringing our local economy to its knees ?


Dear Sir,
There are regular comments from the hotel sector stating that although airport numbers are up this year , hotel beds are down .
“This is because there are more people staying in illegal flats and villas”
As usual not based on any facts!
It could be simply that people like us who own a property or boat here are coming more often to stay in our own accommodation! We need all accommodation to attract tourists and the tourists who rent private accommodation probably spend a lot more, as private apartments and villas in Majorca are very expensive.
It is time for the hoteliers to look after their own business and stop trying to interfere with everyone else who offers an alternative.

Ken Bryan