Majorca could become just an island of hotels
Dear Sir,
Your Editorial Comments today ( Tuesday 19 August 2014 ) were excellent. I was delighted to see you had surveyed the considerable problems facing the Island. My business friends find that 'All Inclusive' is destroying their livelihoods. That tourists remain prisoners of their All Inclusive Hotels, and some do not have any spending money,  let alone explore their areas or the Island. It is a three month season now, and councils continue to increase their charges. These charges and taxation increases are and have to be passed on in increased prices.
 Majorca is only two months away from another bleak winter, of no tourists,no flights and nothing to attract any form of tourist revenue.
 Please keep your finger on the pulse of the self employed, and employed personnel in the Island. Perhaps, highlighting the continuing major struggle, they are all experiencing.
 I feel that Majorca will soon be an Island of HOTELS, and very little else, for their All Inclusive clients.
Yours faithfully
F S Jessop

Absolutely disgraceful, my stay in Magalluf
Dear Sir,
 Palmanova has always been my first option for my annual holiday, without fail it has always made me happy and always sad to leave. This year however we thought to try a different part of the island and stay in Magalluf. We stayed in a Magalluf hotel  and have never in my lifetime have I seen such a disgrace. Urinating in the lift, people had even had there bowels open in one lift one day of the holiday!! People jumping from balcony to balcony! Sex in the pool!  Fights in corridors!! Non of the balcony doors lock!! Fire extinguishers broken and smashed!  This is against health and safety!! Music being played after midnight!! The whole place is disgusting!! I came home exhausted with lack of sleep , being too scared to sleep never knowing what was going to happen next!! Never ever again will I go to Magalluf.
Name and address supplied

Wanted:new tourism minister
Dear Sir,
Re: Short-term rentals.  .......“without commercialising them in touristic channels”, ......
You are free to advertise in whatever legal media gets you the best results. Everyone on Planet Earth does, – duh. This harebrained notion is entirely undemocratic and contradicts all of our laws of free enterprise and open market. Wanted: new Tourist Minister, – enclose C.V.
 Steve, Palmanova