Party boats
Dear Sir,
Amongst the concerns regularly expressed in the Bulletin is the effect of drunken behaviour on the youngsters visiting the Island for a holiday. Peer pressure being what it is I am sure that many decent young men and women are pressed into behaviour that they would normally avoid.
However, I believe that when this pressure is applied by people in a position of some authority it amounts to criminal abuse of that authority.
Whilst parked in the quiet bay next to the lighthouse at Cala Figuera, near Portals Vells yesterday early evening a “party boat” anchored close to the mouth of the bay.
The noise was horrendous and constant, but I suppose the whole idea is to whip up the passengers into some sort of frenzy. There was some sort of organiser in control of the sound system who then exhorted young girls to “take off their bikini tops” in order to avoid losing some game or other. If they lost the game they would have to swallow - quote - “a really filthy drink”.
 From the boys he required a pair of blue swimming shorts if they wished to win and be rewarded with - quote - “lots of shots”. Not much to be applauded there.
Overall Majorca is a wonderful place. The activity we witnessed is simply disgusting and spreads the word - decent folk should not come here. Very sad.

Cala Viñas