Driver’s Licence
Dear Sir,
With reference to the discussions on driving licences there is a Guardia site in English, on the main land, where they will answer your questions in English.
The site is
Since I drive a company owned vehicle I had to have a Spanish licence which I applied for via a local Gestor in Binissalem which was problem free and have since renewed it around Christmas time.
Renewal procedure was simple as it involved going to the approved medical centre in Inca (no waiting) do your medical and then the centre processes the renewal application on your behalf – total cost €81 stress free.
Hope this helps others.

Patrick Griffith

Dear Sir,
 It seems a bit daft to be complaining about lack of winter flights when there is thick snow in Soller area and it looks pretty ghastly in Pollensa area too.
 The apartments feel so damp in the winter and it can be pretty miserable in bedrooms with tiled floors even in early April when we usually arrive.
 I don’t think these sunny summer destinations accommodations are built for grotty wet cold winter spells.
I met someone whilst in Gran Canaria in January who spends three months there as weather is poor in Crete in winter too.
So even the competition cannot really attract winter visitors .
You can get lovely days as in UK early January.
 Really I would promote mid April onwards as it can be fabulous in Soller then as we have found several years running.


Dear Sir,
A great letter from Shiela von der Schulenburg.
It’s not so much that the government is “frightened or held to ransom by hoteliers” though, - as that they enjoy the fruits of their actions at the hoteliers private dinners when the envelopes are passed around.
¡Viva España!

Name supplied