Flight from Scotland
Dear Sir,
I forever read with interest the ongoing debate about the flight situation between Scotland and Majorca, surely the answer is a simple one ie if people want to travel the airlines will provide the planes, it is common business sense that a plane with a 150 passenger capacity is not going to make a profit with 50 people aboard (unless they each are willing to pay 3 times the normal fare) this issue is not the unwillingness of the airlines to provide the aircraft it is the lack of people who want to travel on them.
Sir Stelios Haji-iosnnou (easyJet billionaire) and Michael O’Leary (Ryanair 1/2 way to billionaire status) did not make their money by not having aircraft in the place where the travelling public wanted them .
Think about it !
Yours sincerely,
Alan Simpson

Dog mess
Dear Sir,
After travelling from Newcastle to Gatwick and then on to Palma last week I was so upset to find that after all my determination to get to Majorca the state of the pavements around Santa Ponsa.
The weather was not very good so we took to walking around the resort only to find we had to keep walking looking at the pavement in case we stood in something unsavoury. Why do the residents insist on allowing dogs to carry out so much fowling of the public pavements. I will be returning in May and August but I am going to be extra careful with my grandchildren to stop them standing in it. Who polices this situation? They need to start carrying out on the spot fines for people walking dogs without the means to pick up and dispose of the dog dirt. After having to travel back to Gatwick and then to Newcastle I thought is it at all worth it?
Karen King