Dear Sir,
Little 6-year-old English Mascot Harry Westlake showed up all the English fans at Saturday’s rugby match against Italy by his gusty rendering of the National Anthem. It has gone viral on YouTube. Neither group of fans put much effort into their respective versions in fact many didn’t even join in.
I never fail to be stirred by the Welsh national anthem “Land of my Fathers” although I don’t understand a word. I also rate the “Marseillaise” very highly which I do understand.
It is noticeable that nearly all Taffs join in singing their anthem with great enthusiasm and I have noticed the same passion with the Frogs.
Perhaps this is because by comparison “God Save the Queen” is moribund having none of the war like lyrics suitable for rousing the fans against the opposition.
While the French are signing about their Revolutionaries having their throats cut like ISIS in Syria, Welsh Warriors were similarly bleeding for freedom but for both victory is just for the grasping.
England would do better with “Rule Britannia” similar philosophically to “Deutschland über Alles”. What was popular with the English fans was “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”.
I can’t comment on the amount of zest they put into it as the lude gestures synchronised with the “Band of Angels coming after me” are not shown on TV.
I can’t wait for the Kiwis to do their Haka which outdoes all, not only bucking up their supporters but putting the fear of death in the opposition.

Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma

Dear Sir,
As an ex pat Scot, now living permanently on this beautiful island since my retirement some 18 months ago, I have followed with interest, and on occasions, bemusement the ongoing saga about winter.
Quite frankly at times I am staggered about the level and quality of the debate. Let’s be very, very clear on this. The one and only reason there are no flights from Scotland or other areas of the north of the UK over the winter months is that of basic economics. Clearly the airlines do not consider it financially viable to operate such routes. It’s that simple. If they were to be profitable then I have no doubts they would be operated. The low cost airlines have no moral or social reason to put on such flights. It is not their issue to satisfy parts of the country on loss making adventures. That would be business suicide and to be honest they are not going to incur such losses.
In your front page and other commentaries carried on your edition dated 17 February it was suggested that return flights could be operated at a cost of £300 per person £300. There is little or no chance of people with limited funds paying that amount of money for a return flight. Yes, people do want flights, but they want the operators to provide them at what they say on the tin, low cost, not £300. And sadly that is not going to happen.
My son visited me just prior to Christmas. He had to fly from Glasgow to Stanstead, wait 90 minutes and get a connection to Palma. On return he had to fly to Barcelona, wait another 90 minutes and fly directly to Edinburgh. These were minor inconveniences, but wait for it the total cost for all the flights was less than £120, a would be saving of more than £180.
I’m very sorry but people are letting their emotions on this particular matter get the better of them. Sadly, we live in a world driven by pure commercialism, and I cite the recent plight of Tesco having to close countless stores and disperse with thousands of jobs. The airlines are no different. Unprofitable routes will not be operated. And flights at £300, well I wouldn’t pay it and I daresay the majority of others also will not think it good value.