The Branson’s
Dear Sir,
Having  just read the article in the MDB Saturday 28 Feb. on the reason why Sir Richard Branson turned his back on Majorca, one can only think that those in power, who can decide whether a project can go ahead or not, are sometimes the wrong people to have in office. Short sighted and narrow minded springs to my mind. I don’t blame Sir Richard for perhaps thinking, Up yxxxx, I’m off.
David Lomas
Cala Mesquida

Another plea from Minorca
Dear Sir,
I wrote to you a while ago pointing out that Minorca is completely cut off from All UK Airports for three months (Jan/Mar) this year, for the first time. So our own efforts to extend the season and offer the chance of a delightful winter break have had a total setback. Believe it or not, there ARE restaurants open and a few hotels too....but they struggle. Our problems are your problems.......
Could AENA not consider offering a “special deal” to airlines for landing fees which would enable aircraft to land at Palma and Mahon airports, dropping off and picking up at both, during the course of one ex-UK return movement? Airlines do this often in the Caribbean, and it is a win-win. The need for more flexibility on landing fees and airport charges is clearly a key factor in attracting airlines, and should not be rocket-science to adjust favourably through this different approach.
Please keep little Minorca in your campaign loop! Your voice is louder than ours!
Lorraine Ure

Property owners
Dear Sir,
During the past 15 years many British people have bought holiday homes in Majorca only to find that for 6 months of the year  they become redundant and out of reach. I  have spoken to many owners who are considering selling up and buying somewhere you can use during the winter months when the weather is not so good in England.
This is resulting in Majorca being flooded with properties for sale and making property prices drop. I  myself own a property in Santa Ponsa but I am considering selling due to the fact I can’t get to it during the winter and if an emergency arouse it would be impossible to get to it without buying lots of connecting flights and hotel accommodation as I did in February.
I had an early morning Newcastle to Gatwick flight so had to purchase a one night hotel with one week parking. We had a three hour wait in Gatwick then a flight to Palma arriving in Santa Ponsa 24 hours after leaving our home in the north east. On our return we had an afternoon flight from Palma to Gatwick then a night in the Premier Inn. The next morning we had a morning flight from Gatwick to Newcastle then a short drive home arriving home 24 hours after leaving Santa Ponsa. After considering the four flights 2 hotel rooms and 48 hours of travelling it’s time to consider selling up although we do love Majorca
Very upset apartment owner