A reply to Gerry
Dear Sir,
Some British immigrants with bars here encourage girls to walk the streets almost naked to entice customers, and at least one girl to partake publicly in sex acts to pack their bar.
There are also countless British immigrants that live here without registering with the authorities, or that work illegally here, evading paying their taxes and Social Security, and continually criticise the Spanish in their customs and laws.
British immigrants have also run plenty of scams here, timeshare being just one example.
So not quite so many “critical differences” eh Gerry.

Name withheld

Banks in Majorca
Dear Sir,
The article by Frank Leavers in Wednesday’s Daily Bulletin about Majorca banks prompted me to write about my own feelings regarding the banks here on the island.
 In the UK my bank that was meant to help in my business was, to say the least, unhelpful and greedy.
When I wanted a loan they asked for impossible securities, and getting an appointment to see the manager was like asking to see God! When at last I sold, my hotel business, and had plenty of money, they tried every way to make me invest with them.
I arrived in Majorca 27 years ago and started my own yacht broker office in Club de Mar selling yachts.
 I needed the help of a good bank to organize money transfers and I was recommended to the Banca March in Portals Nous.
As I was used to the usual indifference experience in the UK, I was pleasantly surprised when the bank manager asked me to step into his office and asked if he could help me in any way all in perfect English.
 All my many international transactions were carried out with very small bank charges and quickly.
Twice I sold my house and purchased a new one. In each case the bank helped with advice and a mortgage when I needed one.
I have now been with Banca March for over 20 years and when I walk into their branch office I am greeted as a friend. What a difference to the UK.
 I am retired now but rely on the bank to see that my money is well looked after in the coming years ahead.

Niels Svendsen