Islamic Terrorism
Dear Sir,
Replying to Paul Heaton’s question about should we be worried about the IS attacking our shores and ships, I would say yes, very.  They only need to perpetrate a suicide mission near the southern Italian coastline against one or two cruise liners to basically destroy the business. The same could be said about the private yachting industry. And if drug dealers can come and go with ease between North Africa and Spain’s southern shores, so could they. Not to mention the Balearics. If we know that a few mortal attacks against the tourism industry could, without doubt, bring a country to its knees, especially in Spain’s case, then we would be very foolish to think that they don’t realise this as well.
Of course, worrying isn’t going to solve the problem. Determined action against this threat is, and will be, the only solution.
Yours sincerely,
Simon Tow