Editorial Item

Dear Sir,
In this morning’s online editorial Jason Moore has a rant about UK immigration as compared to other European countries and uses the piece as an anti UKIP platform.
As a frequent visitor to Majorca, I have met many who do not hold similar views to those expressed but relate to Spain and would prefer Spain to tighten it’s policy in certain areas, not least the influx of Some Eastern Europeans and Africans.
Might it not balance the argument expressed if the view that “not all” immigration is good for EU countries, mainly due to the reason for the immigration, which in many cases as far as the UK is concerned, are to seek free handouts.
I do not support UKIP, in fact I have no political allegiance but I find it rather unfortunate that the blatant views against one particular party in the UK are expressed by an “expat”  who chose to leave that country for whatever reason.
Perhaps it might be better if Jason Moore “declared his interest” as far as politics are concerned, when he writes for a journal of another country on the politics of the UK.
It might also be worth researching the views of the UK citizens on immigration. Across the political spectrum there is a majority view that the current policy is not fit for purpose and needs change.
A view noted by all the parties in the forthcoming elections but expressed in different ways.
A view now heard by the coalition, which I suggest may be related to the stance of the UK prime minister in his efforts in the EU renegotiations.

Antony Thompson