Winter flights
Dear Sir,
As a regular visitor to Majorca from south west Scotland I wholeheartedly support winter flights, my local airport, Prestwick, had a good number of Ryanair flights which have been drastically cut. The airport is in desperate need of more flights and if possible more operators, surely this is an opportunity even if it were only operating two days per week, the attractions and possibilities for a variety of short breaks within a few miles radius of both Palma and Prestwick are incredible.This  weekend we host The Scottish Grand National at Ayr racecourse, a superb grade one facility, do  the residents of Majorca like horse racing?
I wish you every success in your campaign, I’ll be visiting Palma next week!!!
Tom Coughtrie

Booze cruise Magalluf
Dear Sir,
When I lived in Palmanova, the multi-million pound motor yachts, would come out from Portals Nous, to the three horseshoe bays of Palmanova and Magalluf. Major booze parties would occur through the day and night. In the morning, all the bays’ sea edges, were littered with every type of disgraceful rubbish imaginable, that had been thrown overboard from these party yachts.
The stench and major health threat, prevented any sea bathing. I reported this to the Beach Police, who said there was nothing they could do (Perhaps because it concerned the super rich yacht owners etc.
I  would suggest that serious consideration should be given to the forthcoming “Booze Cruise Parties” in the area of Magalluf etc. Also, how long before an inebriated party person goes overboard and drowns?

Parking in Palma Bay!
Dear Sir,
I spent 25 years in the Royal Air Force. When I joined there were approximately 150,000 personnel. Today there are approximately 30-40,000 personnel. Their latest Aircraft Typhoon was 10 years obsolescent, when it was first given to the RAF. The Navy and Army have seen similar reductions of personnel, and have received obsolescent equipments. It is a cause of great concern to ALL the Service Chiefs, should Great Britain be subjected to an act of war. Also, Britain can no longer support or assist in any other war situations, because of their greatly weakened Armed Forces. The number of seriously injured personnel, who are left to struggle in Civvy-Street, acts as a major reminder to any future recruit to the Services.
If the forth coming Aircraft Carrier cannot dock in Palma, they will have to use ‘Liberty Boats’ to ferry personnel ashore. It follows that the new Super Cruise Ships may be restricted in docking at Palma. I understand there are plans to extend the docking facility. This needs to be a priority, along with connections into Palma, if the shops are OPEN!!!.
Yours faithfully
Sa Coma --deserted, Hotels still Closed