Dear Sir,
This terrible situation caused by ISIS, to force people to migrate across the Mediterranean, is a major cause for concern.
My concern is, that this migration could occur from Tunisia, and Algeria, towards Majorca. ISIS fighters left Tunisia.
They have returned to Tunisia, to continue their terrorism. People will flee to other northern parts of Africa.
Then try other routes to get to Europe, via Majorca /Spain. I hope my concern does not occur.
But have those authorities responsible for the protection of the island, prepared for this possibility?
Your faithfully,
Sa Coma (Minimum trade to date )

 Dear Sir,
As you know I wrote in about the muggers  and lookie lookie men. It’s now starting to get busy with stag groups but also busy with muggers. I’m not going to call them prostitutes because they are not. I would like you to ask Calvia Council what they are going to do because I’ve asked just like many other people, so could you or would you as a paper for the people put it on your front page and ask?

Paul Smith