Dear Sir,
For the past ten years we have been coming to Majorca and taking in the cricket matches which we have thoroughly enjoyed, making friends with members of the club and cheering them on when they won the Islands Championship. Imagine our disappointment this year to discover we would have no cricket to watch and that the future of the club is in jeopardy.
We implore the local council to find the club a new home or we may be forced to go to Minorca or Ibiza next year so we can enjoy some early season cricket.

Alan and Judith Lowe
El Toro

Winter flights
Dear Sir,
We have an apartment in Palmanova and live in Scotland, what puts us off coming over in the winter we have to go down south to get flights, we came over in November and had to fly from Liverpool as Monarch from Manchester had no flights till December, it is quite bad if you live in Scotland and want to come over in the winter months, that’s why we can only use our apartment in summer months as we have a choice of flights.


Dear Sir,
When there was a Tourism Tax, previously collected by the hotels. I was informed that this tax was applied to tourists (who were causing litter and damage to Majorca). The tax revenue raised, was to be used to “ Clean Up “ Majorca. I found these reasons suspect, and I did not witness any usage of this tax money. I was informed from several hotels where I stayed, that if the tax revenue was stopped, as it was being questioned and disputed, then all the money would be refunded! I was asked to leave my personal contact details, but did not receive any refund when the tax was stopped.
Yours faithfully

Sa Coma (Waiting for Tourists)