Dear Sir,
 In response to yesterday’s article, how on this earth are bicitaxis “unfair competition” to normal taxis, or horse-drawn carriages for that matter, surely the person wanting either would not want the other.
 The same argument applies with private rentals and hotels. Soon we’ll have the Spanish restaurants complaining about the Indian or Chinese restaurants. We live in a Democracy, and the world is a changing place. Taxi drivers, and hoteliers, should stop whinging and accept changes in demand as in every other business. The Government should concentrate on getting their own house in order, all that live in Spain know that there are a stack of laws that need re-thinking. We should be able to take a friend to the airport without being intimidated by police or taxi drivers. Other civilzed countries accept it, and the EU built a 3,000 space airport car park in Palma for that very purpose.