Dear Sir,  
You write “.... the Balearics registered the highest average daily tourist spend for the past five years.” Great news.
Interestingly, you also recently wrote that private accomodation tourism has been increasing during this period. Clear enough then that those critical of private rentals have got it all wrong.
We all know that private tourists spend more money here, ask any business opposite an all inclusive.
Steve, Palmanova

Dear Sir,
 Regarding Ray Fleming’s second leader on the present Greek impasse, one can only wonder what the reaction would be were Greece to announce it intends to print 50 billion Euros. At present, the EEC is  ‘quantity easing’ a trillion Euros.  So for Greece to print up another fifty billion would be like a drop in the ocean.
 But it might resolve Greece’s  immediate problem.
David Lee   

Dear Sir ,
 The letter from David Lee which was published on Friday 4 July needs to be addressed .
The Palestinians have suffered terrible injustices and Western support for Israel has enabled them to avoid accountability. However , Israeli excesses have gone too far and hopefully this support is starting to wane, and in future will become conditional. At last we are seeing international recognition for Palestinian rights and statehood.
 Israel does not enjoy scrutiny of it’s actions, and dismisses criticism as being anti-semetic.  Mr Lee is typically disrespectful and denounces Ray Fleming of dreaming nonsense. Being anti-Israel does not mean you are anti-Semetic and if Israelis and Jews accepted this we could have a more meaningful discussion on the future of Israel and Palestine .
 On the matter of international law Mr Lee should perhaps address the issues of : Israel refusing to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Israel ignoring UN resolutions, occupation of the West Bank, illegal settlements, blockade of Gaza, using white phosphate or 1000 lb bombs on schools and hospitals .
I find the use of excessive military force on an overcrowded civilian area extremely difficult to justify . No number of leaflets dropped then entitles the Israelis to bomb schools, hospitals and homes. A man with a gun ostensibly hiding in or  behind a school does not justify the bombing of that school and the consequent loss of innocent young lives. Over 500 children lost their lives last year in Gaza and the Israelis say they took precautionary action. We remain unconvinced.
Israel should stop violating international law and acknowledge the human rights of Palestinians .
Yours sincerely
Mathew Demetri