l Dear Sir,
 We have just returned home after an excellent holiday in a privately let apartment. It was twice the size of a hotel room and immaculately clean and equipped with fridge freezer, washing machine, microwave etc, etc. Whilst eating out every night and visiting bars we have heard nothing but derrogatory comments from people in all - inclusive hotels. Dull food, terrible bar service, drinks served in plastic cups, with beers of half - pint maximum, and very noisy in the communial areas among nany other complaints. It all sounded horrible, many people feel ripped - off and will not return they say. The Mallorcan Hotel Federation should address this disgraceful situation before criticising private apartment rentals. If our only choice is all - inclusive we we’ll go somewhere else, and spread the word to others.
Bernard and Bill,

l Dear Sir,
At 3.30am on Saturday morning, four Policia Local turned up in in Santa Ponsa. They then busied themselves taking half empty paper cups off tourists leaving the bars, as they closed. Meanwhile, 50 metres away half-a-dozen African muggers harassed the same tourists as they walked back to their hotels. So Calvia Council, your new law is pointless because the real criminals are still being allowed to operate unchallenged. I would have taken a photo but I didn’t want a huge fine for taking pictures of members of the security services.
Andrew Rawson