Dear Editor,
I just wanted to share with you my experience of some of Calvia’s beaches mainly those of Cala Viñas and Magalluf.

As a previous resident in Palma I now frequently visit my parents who reside in Cala Viñas. I come here every year and was shocked this year at the amount of rubbish, typically plastics but even such things as tampons and condoms in the water and on shorelines.

What also surprises me is the lack of initiatives in cleaning by the council.

I have witnessed local residents picking up plastic waste themselves from the water and beach area and, since my arrival nearly two weeks ago, not much has been done with the exception of some cleaning by lifeguards.

I have emailed the council and hope to get an answer. I will myself go back to Sweden on Friday but I feel ashamed as a former resident on the island of the photo I attach and feel sorry for local residents and tourists who have to swim in these waters.
Un Saludo,