Dear Sir,
As the French say “Plus ça change plus ça reste la même chose”.
In yesterday’s MDB (Wednesday) we learn that the new regional government is struggling to fill top level positions in 137 departments.
This is 19 more than before – so much for the French adage – things are worse than before!
The whole system is a major source of corruption and should be forbidden by law.
When this government changes, probably at the next elections in 4 years’ time, the new government will have the right to pay back their favourites by gifting them directorships in these 137 departments.
The ex-directors will be dumped on the street.
Fair dues you may say for these political freebooters. Corrupt they may be but dumb they are not.
This short period of power is well known to them as are the following years on the dole. Rest assured the years of power will be used to accumulate their retirement fund to the maximum – the Palacio de Congresos and hotel are examples we are still living with.
The article speaks of a desire to fill these posts on the basis of technical expertise, not on political grounds – pull the other one.
What is wrong with the current 137 directors? Aren’t they up to the job? Are all 137 incompetent? What do our politicos know about the technical expertise of railways to use just one example of their recruitment needs?
I have great difficulty in imagining any honest, competent professional taking on these “stained” and short term roles.
For me any such candidate immediately disqualifies themselves for the position.  

Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma