Dear Sir,
 The reason most British people don’t like the European  Union (Viewpoint, Friday) is that we as a nation believed we were signing up to a Common Market, not to be ruled by a European  Parliament . Our laws are being superseded by Europe-based judiciary , our money is being squandered on projects we have no control over , and these highly paid officials are not being held responsible for the decisions they make whilst feathering their own nest. The open border policy is creating huge financial and cultural problems, and the “human rights” laws make a mockery of our once proud legal system ,  the taking in of new member countries who will only ever bleed the E U purse and never contribute shows the concept of a Federal Europe to be the target of the future . That is why the majority of British people want out.
Robert Firth (letter posted on our website www.majorcadailybulletin.es)

Dear Sir,
If we in the UK pull out we will be ostracised. UK citizens owning property in Spain and other EU countries will have no protection whatever and other EU governments will be able to tax them heavily - that’s a certainty. The E111 medical card will become useless - at the moment, over-70’s who cannot be easily insured for holidays can have the E111 protection within the Eurozone - that will go. Our taken-for-granted freedom of movement within the EU zone could become seriously curtailed. We will struggle to create new global markets for goods that once had tariff-free movement within the EU. Given our cap-doffing foreign policy attitude to the USA we will likely become even more hated by large portions of the world and thus even more likely to suffer from terrorism...there will be no modifying influences from the EU. It is highly likely that we will as a nation vote “No” because most people are highly influenced by anti-EU tripe in the popular newspapers. I am not a massive proponent of the EU as it stands because it’s a top-heavy structure full of corruption and money-for-the-boys-in-the-club, however even that is preferable to the stark alternative. It is a frightening prospect, and coming closer all the time.
Steve Riches ((letter posted on our website www.majorcadailybulletin.es)

Dear Sir,
 I don’t think it is a question of Britons not liking the rest of Europe; it must be remembered that the majority of Britons spend their holidays on the European continent. I think it is a question of bad press and a lack of understanding of the European Union and how it works. You’re having a laugh.  We know how it works . We give, Europe takes . You must think were all bananas but enough is enough.  Just like they say charity begins at home.
Keith  (letter posted on our website www.majorcadailybulletin.es