In response to Viewpoint “European Union”
Dear Sir,
Only 28 countries are in the EU and many of them have economies not worth toilet paper and billions of euros and pounds are being poured into many of them, a great deal of which is being pocketed, billions more have been pocketed in other EU countries.
The rest of the world gets by quite nicely without being in the EU and are doing very nicely, thank you, ask China, Singapore, Honk Kong, Taiwan, Australia, India, America, Canada, New Zealand, among many others and most of these countries trade with EU countries without being members, do you really believe that the entire EU would cease trading with us if we left, if we have something to sell that someone else wants, they will buy it, in or out.
Sean Dobson

Dear Sir,
Don’t bother waiting. I will give you my vote now. Out. I’m sick of the EU trying to run my life and charging me and the good people of Britain for the pleasure .

In response to the story “La Gola ornithology centre re-opens”
Dear Sir,
Glad to see that the Ornithology centre in Puerto Pollensa is reopening. However the little waterside park suffers badly from the local dog-owning community and their disregard for what their dogs leave behind for others to step on!!! This will be even more acute if the lights go off after dark! Regarding young drinkers in the area putting the lights out will hardly deter them, it will simply make the area even less attractive to others. Perhaps the occasional local policeman cycling around it might be a better bet if this unique asset in the heart of the Port is to be enjoyed by all of its residents.
Alan Cook

In response to the story  “Britons advised to book their Spanish holidays as soon as possible ”
Dear Sir,
Great! Just another reason for them to hook the air fare prices up - especially during school holidays.

Dear Sir,
Not at all surprised by this. We just managed to book 2 weeks in Puerto Pollensa in July. Two operators said our hotel was full. Thomas Cook got us in, and we come every year. A lot of people not trusting the situation in Turkey. Tunisia and Egypt out of bounds, so people will look for somewhere ‘safe’ and Spain and the Balearics fit the bill.
Phil Ward