Dear Sir,
In January this year, as I went through the door scanner at Palma Airport, a high-pitched alarm went off. I have passed through the security check on numerous occasions with no alarm. To my complete surprise, a small piece of teardrop-shaped plastic was passed over both sides of my hands. It was put into a testing machine. Then the security operator said ok, you can go on.

After collecting my bag and coat, I went to a table to get dressed. Whilst getting dressed and putting my trouser belt back on, a female security person came from behind me and suddenly unzipped my bag. She did not say anything but placed another teardrop piece of plastic on my clothing in the case. She then uttered “normal” and walked away with no permission or explanation for her very sudden action.

I asked a male security operator, what was this about. I asked the information female at the desk with the security man. Neither of these personnel could explain these actions of their own security staff.

May I request that you determine what these security personnel were doing? I found it to be very distressing and very puzzling.

F.S. Jessop
Sa Coma