Dear Sir,
As a hotelier here in Majorca for 14 years, I remember the eco tax and the shambles that was, and to this day no one really knows where the money went or what it was spent on. We are at the beginning of a new season with guests booking their holidays with no idea that a new tax is about to be levied upon them, and as a hotelier I have no date or information as to how this is to be levied or when it is due to start.

If I add the tax to the customer's bill and the customer pays by credit card, I will have to pay the commission. I will have to ensure the customer pays in cash so I do not incur any cost. I will have to administer this, keep records and my time is money. The big joke is of the 12,000,000 or so visitors, about half will stay in legal properties and about half will not. The government has not thought this tax through. The only way it can work is to tax every tourist, foreigner at the airport or port when they enter the island ensuring everyone pays, but no doubt it will be another folly with the arguments already beginning as to which council should get the most.

Hey ho, it’s just life in Majorca.

Adrian Bertorelli