Tourists and the Eco Tax
Dear Sir,
There seems to be a never ending deluge of letters and opinions from every expat living here on the introduction of the eco tax not to mention Mallorquins like Beatriz Basanez who never stop pontificating their diverse and crazy assertions. They all expect something for nothing.

The real reason that this island cannot cope with the massive influx of tourists is because of the sheer greed of its native people and total lack of infrastructure and proper modernisation. Excessive amounts of tourists do not cause a water shortage - not enough money has been allocated for the repair of leaking pipes everywhere, the upkeep of the machinery of desalination plants which are out of date and so on.

The same applies to the electricity system here due to the monopoly of Gesa. The tourists overload the system in the summer because no investment has been made to upgrade the electricity plants which are pathetic. We know perfectly well that the present system has not been able to cope for years. Coal fumes which have been banned in other civilised countries are forcing a friend of mine living in the Alcudia district to stay indoors a lot of the time at the moment.

As the obstinacy of Gesa to invest is legion, thank goodness another company is planning to arrive here from the mainland putting cables under the sea I believe. When it becomes operational we can all breathe a sigh of relief, but this may take years.
To suggest tourists overcrowd the roads is ridiculous - the only annoyance is rush hour when Majorcans go to work and too many cyclists who are a danger only because the government has not built the cycle lanes wide enough for them.

Tourists will create more rubbish but the hordes of tourists who come here on these all-inclusive holidays are the type of people who are the worst litter louts in England. Besides, the main rubbish depot here is so efficient it is now supposed to be a sightseeing wonder!

The real problem is the type of person who comes here on these Butlin-type holidays where everything is paid for in England. If most of all-inclusive holidays were banned, the shops, bars and restaurants would all benefit and so would the islanders but they do not seem to understand this and until they do, there is no point in banging our heads against a brick wall.
Shiela Peczenik

Dear Sir,
Now we see the true colours of the local government re the tourist tax. How dare Pilar Carbonell propose that a portion of the tourist tax be used to finance travel plans of local seniors of the Balearics? I’m sure the incoming tourist will be delighted to hear that he is funding holidays for the local population.

This tax should (if ever to be enforced) include ‘all’ tourists - otherwise I’m waiting for some hotel tourists to sue the government for discrimination. This rush to get it in place for the forthcoming season could prove very costly for those who are intent in rushing it through.

A senior Balearic resident who could be eligible for holiday funding!
M. Vane Percy
Portals Nous