Majorcan roads
Dear Sir,
I come from Wolverhampton which is the pothole capital of the world, the roads are awful. It is pleasure to travel around Majorca and find the roads in such great condition.
John Anslow

Feixina monument
Dear Sir,
There is turmoil over the impending destruction of the memorial to some of Franco’s forces who drowned in battle during the Spanish Civil War. This is going viral on the internet since the worldwide Oxford University fraternity were advised of the similarities between the condemnation of this monument and that of the Cecil Rhodes statue now standing in their Oriel College. Both sites have left-wing groups agitating for their removal.

The fever in the UK has been inflamed by Chris Patten disparagingly addressing the antis as "scrotty" students. To save you a trip to the Oxford English Dictionary or asking Andrew Valente to help, the origin of the word is scrotum and not what you’d expect from the Chancellor of the world’s second oldest extant university.

He added fuel by condescending and demeaning comments which I feel sure he didn’t use when he guided the handover of Hong Kong to the communist Chinese (worse than Rhodes?). As he used to be a highly experienced politician/diplomat it may indicate that it is time for him to go.

Both Generalisimo Franco and Cecil Rhodes did much that was bad but some things that were good. In any event they were of a different era to be judged by today’s standards. Their deeds are now written in stone and can’t be reversed through hindsight.

In a word they are forever part of history, ours in Palma and theirs in Oxford. Neither group would like to be compared to ISIS and their destruction of Palmyra in Syria but I see them in a very similar light.

By the way there is still time to see the Sa Feixina memorial which is just off Avenida Argentina.
Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma