Cosmopolitan Majorca

Dear Sir,
It’s often mentioned in this newspaper how cosmopolitan this island has become.
A prime example of this occurred last weekend when Mallorca Cricket Club, currently without a ground, took a multi-national side to Minorca to contest The Balearic Cup, played annually between the three main islands’ clubs. Mallorca’s team consisted of players of various religions and originally from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, South Africa, USA and, of course the UK
As Club Treasurer (and part-time scorer - thank you Wendy Peters), I was proud to attend and witness not only the team spirit on the pitch but also the total integration socially throughout the weekend, the latter of which is somewhat lacking in the UK and elsewhere.
Although we didn’t win the cup, congratulations to Mallorca Cricket Club for a successful tour in different but more important ways. May it continue to prosper for years to come on the proposed new ground, hopefully to be completed in time for the next summer season and the Balearic Cup Tournament due to be played here in May 2017.

Richard Martin