Dear Sir,
With reference to the recent reports in the MDB and its sister publication about air pollution being caused by the cruise ships, this is absolute rubbish as they (especially the new generation ships) are probably the most environmentally friendly ships afloat as are the new generation of yachts over 500GRT.

If anyone doubts this claim, I suggest that they look up the IMO website and go to the section "Special Areas under MARPOL" and with regard to air pollution go to Annex VI. Everything that these cruise ships and yachts have to comply with in respect of pollution (of any sort) control is there. Enjoy the read! They also make their own fresh water so that is not an issue either.

The dirtiest and most polluting vessels, by far, that use the port in Palma are the ferries that come in 365 days of the year – just look when they start up. If the authorities want to reduce air pollution in the port area, then start with the ferries.

Patrick Griffith