Dear Sir,
I have on occasions written in praise of your editorials but today (09/09) I regret that you are exposing your prejudice against Brexit - are editors not supposed to be objective? You write in praise of Michael O’Leary. Is that the Michael O’Leary who used to charge for wheelchairs until massive adverse public opinion caused him to back down. Is that the Michael O’Leary who threatened to charge passengers "to spend a penny". The same Michael O’Leary who advertises city-to-city flights, many of which end at a secondary airport an hour's coach trip from the advertised destination. The same Michael O’Leary who attempted to negotiate a preferential deal at Palma airport to undercut more reputable low cost operators. His claim not to place aircraft in the UK is a poker strategy - he will register and place his aircraft with whoever gives him the best deal and like Google, Apple. etc. that will probably be in Ireland. Perhaps you can balance your editorials with Brexit comments from other respected business operators.

Whilst the media condemn PM Theresa May for not releasing a stream of soundbites on the progress of Brexit, I would congratulate her on her sound, well proved strategy - comprehensive data collection, extensive evaluation of options and only then publish, recommend and implement preferred strategies. In your weekly poker game do you have a camera behind your back displaying your hand on an overhead screen? So can we expect a grown-up response from MDB.

Reference your sparring match with Ray Fleming re the EU - one of your recent contributors gave the EU an expected lifespan of five years whilst I would put it at ten years before this massive monument collapses. Virtually zero concessions to David Cameron representing UK as a major contributor to the EU. How long before Germany rebels are pumping money into southern Europe. Jean-Claude Juncker’s statement "Borders are the worst invention ever made by politicians."

All large organisations, without mechanisms in place for regular pruning, are prone to grow flabby and to perceive themselves as invincible - more so governments, quangos and even more so the EU. Perhaps in your next sparring match with Ray Fleming you can discuss the question of what the EU has done for Spain? A poorly designed airport extension for Palma in the days when Neil Kinnock was riding the gravy train as transport supremo. Is Spain better off within the Euro or would it be better off with a floating peseta? I eagerly await your assessments.

GW, Santa Ponsa