Brexit - Deal or no Deal

Dear Sir,
In the responses to "Deal or no Deal" there is an assumption by many contributors that if we expat residents had been given the vote, Brexit might not have happened. I too would have expected that those having chosen Europe to live in would overwhelmingly choose to have Britain remain in the EU.

This was not the case in Majorca for although the UK government gave us no vote in the referendum our Daily B did give us a voice through an opinion poll. The outcome surprised me as for most of the run-up to 23 June, Daily B readers were slightly in favour of exit. This only changed (and only slightly) as the day approached.

Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma

Road works in Paguera

Dear Sir,
Is it just me who thinks the amount of works going on in Paguera at the moment is ridiculous and an accident waiting to happen. The whole of Paguera at the moment is one big construction site with little or no regard for public safety.

It is not right that children have to go to and from school running the gauntlet of various works machinery. To make matters worse there is no safe path for them to walk. Lorries set out on the pavements loading and unloading, as the children walk below the cranes, workers randomly crossing the pavements with construction material with scant regard for the children walking in there path. Are these really professional tradesmen?

It’s that bad that a split bag of cement has been sat in the middle of the pavement for weeks; the dogs have now taken to pooing on it. I have not once seen anyone with a broom in their hand.

Perhaps you should take a look for yourself, no one at the council seems to care or wants to take responsibility. Perhaps you could be the voice they listen to, because this is just not right.

Gary Smith