Dear Sir,
Obviously Calvia council don’t want tourists in Santa Ponsa. Only three weeks left to the end of the season and we have had road closures for over a week on the main tourist strip in Ramon de Moncada. Now, today they are taking the road up and have decided to completely resurface it.

This has completely ruined the businesses of all the restaurants, bars, supermarkets etc. who would normally be busy right through the day. This obviously shows the contempt the council shows to the tourists, the ones this time of year that are good spenders.

Why oh why cant they wait till winter, beggers belief.

Yours sincerely,
Russell Fox
Santa Ponsa

Dear Sir,
Queen Elizabeth and King Felipe are constitutional monarchs which means, amongst other things, that they are not supposed to express political opinions. When Queen Elizabeth, shortly before the Scottish referendum, was overheard saying, in a private remark to a Scottish well-wisher, that she hoped the voters would "think very carefully about the future", the supporters of independence were angry because her remarks were interpreted as being unhelpful to their cause.

As you pointed out in your Viewpoint (Thursday, October 5), King Felipe in his recent broadcast "stuck very firmly to the government line which got Spain into this mess in the first place".

In 1981, King Juan Carlos united the nation against the leaders of the failed coup d’état. In 2017, his son, Felipe ensured that the nation is now more divided than ever, thanks to his personal politicization of the situation in Catalonia. A missed opportunity, which makes the monarchy in Spain seem even more irrelevant in these troubled times.

Yours faithfully,
George Tunnell