Dear Sir,
I know it has been said and written about before, but I would like to re-emphasise the exemplary standard of the Balearic health system.

From the local surgery in the villages to the PACs and Son Espases, Britain should look no further than the Balearic system, on which to reform the failing NHS.

The Son Espases concept, of all hospital facilities, consultation departments, day hospital etc. in one half, connected on all floors with the jospital in the other half, may be confusing at first but is of a simple efficient design, enabling all facets of health/treatments to be incorporated in one place.

The volume of patients seen and dealt with in one day is phenomenal, with modern technology and computer use the overall link.

But it is not the hospital’s structure, architecture which is so impressive, it is every single employee of the health system who gives Son Espases that vital human contact, who ensures that at a time when you are at your most vulnerable the care and attention/the friendly enviromental surroundings are never absent.

My family have a great deal to thank the entire Balearic IB-Salud for, and we will always be grateful for all the help and assistance we have had when needed.

David and Liz
San Telmo