Dear Sir,
I was involved in a 90kph accident, which I was the only person involved last Wednesday afternoon on the Son Servera bypass travelling to my apartment in Cala Millor. I was about five minutes away or so driving, and felt a little tired around Manacor, but only a half hour drive, thought I would be ok.

I was very lucky, as I dozed off for around three seconds approaching a left hand bend, and failed to take the bend. The car hit a kerb, and flew over a wall, and landed in a field. I was the only person involved.

A very good lesson, if one feels tired, just take the first opportunity to pull over, for a short while, even if one only has just a k or to finish the journey. I was lucky enough to walk away with just very sore bruises, and a smashed up own car. I am back in UK now two days later as planned, after the accident after given the all clear to travel.

I would like to thank the Police Local who attended, Son Servera Hospital and the main Manacor NHS Hospital for their fantastic treatment. I have been back to Southampton General for a further check up, as something did not feel quite right, and everything was fine. The hospital doctors in Southampton were real impressed with my treatment in Manacor, and the results. I was also totally alcohol free, as I had not had a drink for three days previous.

Les C.