Rental Confusion
Dear Sir,
Good to see that Humphrey Carter appears to now have a regular P2 slot. Today 30/06 an insight into the rental confusion.
As Humphrey states the private rental market represents a preferred sector for many visitors and supports many important small businesses - bars, restaurants, car hire etc etc. Who is against it?
The powerful hotel lobby?
Perhaps a deeper examination is in order in respect of the fundamental rights of property owners in Spain and the variations in treatment of property rentals within different Spanish Autonomous communities in Spain and in France etc.
If a rentals case ever goes to court can we expect an enterprising lawyer to take the action all the way to Brussels? Am still awaiting detailed assessments from Humphrey or Andrew Ede in respect of Brexit:-
What does Germany want from Brexit - WTO tariffs at 10% on motor exports to the UK
Similarly what does France and Spain want from Brexit - trade tariff on their net balance of trade with the UK - loss of security info interchange etc etc
Who does Donald Tusk represent - the German Car Manufactures?
Who does Michel Barnier represent - the Spanish agricultural sector? etc etc etc
My best wishes
Santa Ponsa

Dear Sir,
I am afraid the writer of the letter signed TGNT which you printed on 30 June, has got it all wrong.
He clearly believes that the £20 billion deal BAE Systems have signed with the Australian government proves that Britain can be successful outside the EU.
I would point out that the BAE-Australia contract was agreed whilst we are still a member of the EU and subject to it rules. Brexit had nothing to do with it.
I would further ask the writer to remember that all the work will be carried out in Australia. BAE Systems will undoubtedly set up a subsidiary company in Australia to supervise the work. So the probability is that the £20 billion paid by the Australian government will stay in Australia – or, should we leave the EU without a satisfactory deal, be transferred to BAE’s new head uarters probably in China.
They will not be alone. Company after company is threatening to leave the UK if we do not get an advantageous deal out of the EU, the latest being Tata Steel which will cause the loss of thousands of jobs in Wales. From what I have read, the only sector which will prosper by our leaving is the financial sector.
The banks and hedge funds – one of which is controlled by Theresa May’s husband - will probably make hundreds of millions, but at a cost of tens or even possibly hundreds of thousands of jobs and even the loss of Scotland from the UK.
Sir, I would hate to think that our government would be prepared to risk the economic future of Great Britain in order that a fortunate few can stuff their pockets with unearned billions. But I am being left with fewer and fewer options.
David Lee
Costa de la Calma

Cyclists on pavements
Dear Sir,
Being an office worker in San Agustin has never been a dangerous profession before, but now it is becoming increasingly dangerous. Every day scores of cyclist go up and down the pavement to avoid the traffic on the roads. I understand that it is illegal to cycle on a pavement in Palma district, but because San Agustin /Cala Mayor is a low risk area we have no policemen on the “beat”. This means that these cyclists who are terrorizing pedestrians are allowed to roam without check wherever and whenever they like. The result is that you have to take great care before leaving any shop or office on the Avenida Joan Miró for fear of getting run down!
Calvia built bicycle/pedestrian paths years ago and they are used constantly. That is what we need here before a pedestrian gets seriously hurt or a cyclist killed on the very busy road.
Maybe a couple of policemen on the beat may encourage cyclist to behave correctly and traffic to slow down a little. You just never know...
Best regards