Less united
Dear Sir,

I read with great interest the comments on the latest fiasco about Brexit.
The United Kingdom is as we can say less United, the famous Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev once said that the threat to world peace was not communism but nationalism.
The UK have the SNP (Scottish National Party) who have had a vote on independence and failed to obtain enough votes in favour, despite this they want a second vote on the back of Brexit.

We have had a vote on Brexit those that lost must now consider that we live in a democracy and knuckle down and follow the common vote majority.

If we use the SNP’s stance well the majority of Scottish people voted to stay then do we allow Dunny-on-the-wold to do the same or Soggy bottom as independent states.
The Labour party under Mr Corbyn sees an opportunity to go for a general election as they feel that the time is right, however, Mr Corbyn has shown that he is at odds with his own party being a remainer. His latest stunt not to have talks with the government without a precondition of a NO Deal just highlights his own plans to remain.

The Liberal Democrats under Vince Cable are remainders and hence they only want another vote to enable them to try to get a remain vote.

Here again like the SNP how many public votes do we have to get to the same position and if that is successful do the Brexiters then have another vote?

All these politicians have their own agenda and this is not what we elected them to do, the latest vote showed a large number of votes against which is ultimately pushing the country into a No Deal.

We are now in the position where MP’s are not acting on behalf of the voters who elected them and are acting like spoilt children, for example Corbyn setting pre conditions on talks.
Now the biggest hand the UK can play is NO Deal so why would you want to tie the hands of the negotiators.

It’s down to the politicians to work together and provide to those who voted to leave their wish, it’s down to voters to remember these politicians who have messed up and vote them out at the next election.

B Rowe