Dear Sir,

I see there is no longer anywhere to leave a comment so I have sent this to you. When we joined what was then the common market I was 19 and had no vote back then as voting age was 21. So I found myself in what is now called the EU whether I liked it or not. As I remember we were told after 12 months anyone made redundant would be entitled to £1000 for every year you had worked for the company in line with Europe, well of course this has never happened.

At the time of joining the common market the pottery industry was booming and jobs in Stoke-on-Trent were plentiful. A few years later going into the eighties 90% of the pottery industry had gone because of cheap imports from abroad, our pits had been closed due to cheap coal from Europe and also the steel industry had gone making Stoke virtually a dead area. Far from being a saviour Europe for us was like the harbinger of death. We found different European citizens coming into our country who would work for far less wages than the average Briton would expect and this is still happening. We holiday in Spain and you say at the moment we are all Europeans, but if we have an injury while on holiday what as British citizens can we expect.

Well let me tell you, we are taken to a private hospital where we will get no treatment until we can prove we have insurance and that the insurance will pay for the treatment before anything is done. Surely we should be taken to a hospital where treatment is free as all EU members would get in Britain, they would be taken to an NHS hospital and receive treatment whether or not they are able to pay. This is just the tip of the iceberg but to list and discuss everything would mean writing something as long as war and peace. You wonder what our problem with the EU is, well I think you need to get a grip on reality because we put in far more than we take out.

Name withheld by request

The Presidents of the building on the North Side of Santa Ponsa Bay

Dear Sir,

All of the Presidents from the buildings situated on the north side of Santa Ponsa Bay met in Acapulco Bar on Saturday 19 January to discuss the authorities failure to maintain the promenade in a safe condition.

The group of Presidents decided to formally form an action group, The President will be Richard Moran, Adminstrator of the building of Palmar 2 and the Vice President will be Ian Rice, President of the building of Edenroc.

The objectives of the group is to identify which authorities are responsible for the maintenance of the promenade,and to immediately make the promenade safe for all.
Secondly to work with Calvià Council and the COSTAS to try to build a working relationship with the two principal authorities regarding the next phase of the new walkway.

Kind Regards
Ian Rice
President of the building of Edenroc