Dear Sir,

This might not be your area so could I ask you kindly forward this email to relevant authority and if possible The Mayor of Can Picafort.

My sister has lived in Can Picafort for over 25 years so I have enjoyed many visits there. There has always been a problem with too many cats and it was fantastic when the capture, neuter and release scheme was introduced for the ferals. My sister has managed to catch several and is happy realising them knowing no more kittens will arrive. She feeds a little group at the top of her road.

However over the past few years she has found kittens dumped by waste bins, which of course are not feral so she has had to pay for these to be neutered and all other vet fees - she has five, because despite exhaustive attempts to re-home them, this has proved unsuccessful.

Last week another poor little kitten was left abandoned under a car, which she looking after.

It is impossible for her to have any more cats in a top floor apartment - two local vets will not help.

On top of the stress she is suffering trying to re-home this kitten, 2 more kittens have appeared with the feral group and one is dragging its body. This is very upsetting and my sister is going to attempt to catch it.

Whilst I appreciate the lovely people of Majorca are not such animal lovers as the British, a lot of British people visit the Island and I constantly hear how they have been upset seeing abandoned cats/kittens they cannot do anything about.

Well my sister is working hard to help these poor cats. Is there ANYTHING that can be done. As I have said the feral situation appears satisfactory but what about the ones that are not. A small cat sanctuary would be great and I know my sister would willingly give her time free!

Yours sincerely
Mrs Anne Simpson

Palma airport

Dear Sir,

I have read with interest comments regarding lack of tourists in Majorca and highlighting parking as a major problem which of course it is.

I would like to highlight the problems caused by the recently introduced passport control on arrival at the airport meaning an extra walk of many hundreds of metres which is a step too far for those with mobility issues.

On our recent visit, my husband who has mobility issues asked for and received the most wonderful assistance. Nevertheless, the airport is no longer user friendly.

We have been visiting Majorca several times a year for over 50 years but much to our regret, shall have to think twice before venturing there again.

It seems to us, the Airport has just become too large. We shall try to find somewhere to visit where the airport is smaller.

Rita Cartwright