Dear Sir,

Sirs, I like so many, was saddened to read of the return of the bullfight to Palma. We thought that this cruelty was a thing of the past here in Majorca. Sadly, it seems that there are still those who enjoy the spectacle of the ritualised torture and brutal death of magnificent creatures.

Let us hope that this does not happen again and that the animal cruelty law which was passed will be reinstated.

Annie Sofiano


Litter in Majorca

Dear sir,

May I offer a suggestion concerning the Lids of Skips. Nearly all the time the lids are left open.This affords the spreading of disease on the Island.

Flies and mosquitos, plus rats, cats, dogs visit the exposed Skips. An unexplained Virus (Bug) is developed from the Skips. Much more cleaning or replacements are required.

Otherwise, be prepared for more continuing illness to occur in Majorca.
Keep the skip lids closed.

Mr. F. S. Jessop
Sa Coma