Bold move, a cunning plan or a kick in the teeth for democracy, only time will tell but set against the distortion of democracy in the UK on the Brexit trail possibly the only option any PM would be left with to deliver the democratic wish of the people who voted to leave. The behaviour of MP’s on both sides of the house has left a lot to be desired, jostling for personal position and power and for many undermining our faith in our democracy.

Under normal circumstances the usual democratic process of Parliament is where all points of view are discussed from both sides of the house and the subsequent votes taken.

How different is the process of democracy when a country votes in a referendum. Should not all MP’s then try to deliver the will of the people even though the result was close, divisive and even though they may disagree with the outcome (always a problem with a referendum).

If the result of the referendum had been to remain would the elite in parliament and mainly London have entertained such antics from the Brexiteers?

In this recent Brexit process some MP’s are clearly opposing the majority of their constituents wishes putting their own views above those they represent , where individuals with power and money are using the courts as a weapon against the will of the people and others distorting democracy to fulfil their personal and political ends.

Now we have a group of MP’s aligning themselves against what they call “a no deal Brexit” but they have found a thinly veiled excuse, a vehicle to manipulate democracy as clearly their intent is and always was to eventually reverse the Brexit process and the referendum.

If these groups had wanted a deal they should have supported Mrs May and now Boris in showing a united front to Europe who’s representatives clearly never had any intention of offering a deal to the UK, the ¨backstop¨ being the best manifestation of this process.

An instrument to lock the UK into the customs union for ever but without a say in Europe. It seems that if the EU had listened to Cameron and had reformed the structure of the EU government , then we may not have been in the mess we are in today but clearly that option did not suit those in power.

Like some Shakespearian drama the stage is set for the final act. How will the play end? After all the confusion of the previous acts the conclusion is anybody’s guess but for sure our future position in or outside of Europe will never be the same again.

John Bristow
Cala D’Or