This is what Viola Parsifae looks like. Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. | Adrian Gillet


Luckily I had my sunglasses on when I arrived at the The Boat House last Wednesday evening because I was visually assaulted by this car. It was pretty bright. Also very low, very pointy, very shiny and very purple. I call it purple, but apparently the official name is ‘Viola Parsifae’. I must admit that sounds a lot more exciting than purple.

We’d better not say that too loud because they might fire whoever named the colour purple, purple, for being dozy and for not coming up with something more exciting.

These genres of colour are very ‘cool’ right now for supercars, they come in every shade of luminosity and metallics. I sometimes wonder why, given their supercar shape, they also need some ‘in your face’ paint. Would a Lambo really look bad in white or silver? If it needs the paint to make it special then surely the styling needs looking at again. Or maybe I’m just too conservative.

What’s also noticeable, with or without sunglasses, are the seats. I was invited to try the driver’s perch to check out just how hard it was.

Apparently after a ride around the Tramuntana roads, one’s bum develops an ache. I can tell you from first bum experience that this is indeed likely to be true. That seat is hard and I must say not really human shaped, certainly not my shape. It felt like somebody had removed the padding and I was just sitting on the structure. Other than that it’s an amazing interior which would find itself quite at home on any spaceship. And would you believe this car is automatic.

Now originally the plan was to feature another car this week, so here it is. It didn’t jump out at me, just sat there looking elegant. The thing is that this car is brown and that’s the manufacturer’s own dynamic sales description. It was 1976 after all. I vote for it to be renamed ‘Chocolaté Delicioso’. I bet they would have sold a lot more. Not that it was unpopular in its day.

This is one of the desirable bunch from the ‘70s. Possibly a little prosaic in comparison to our Viola coloured friend but these things are all relative, it depends on what you want from your car. Spaceship looks or classic elegance, you choose. Look at the photos and probably think, yeah I’ll have both. Over and out.

The weekly car show is hosted by the Classic Car Club, Driving Mallorca and The American Car Club, with support from other car clubs on the island. Everyone is welcome at The Boat House on the Paseo Maritimo from 18.00 each Wednesday and if you have an interesting, fun or Classic car, then bring it along and join the party!