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Watch the bus!

Watch the bus!

Watch the bus!

Última hora 23/10/2023


Enough is enough! Petition launched after UK driving licences banned in Spain for residents

Please help ex-pats who are stuck in remote areas of Spain and need to be able to drive to access to shops doctors and hospital appointments.

Jason Moore25/05/2022 09:33

Cars in Ibiza


The reasons why cars are driving me mad!

"I the only person on the island who has had a wing mirror disintegrate whilst in a car wash"

Frank Leavers04/03/2021 16:05

Porsche 911 doing what they do best, cruising in Majorca

Focus on cars

What Next?

Here’s a selection of graphic images of cars to make you salivate at the thought of those mountain roads winding their way through the Tramuntana.

Robert Klevenhagen28/04/2020 10:07

‘66 Dodge Charger cruising Palma in 2015.

Focus on cars

Dodging the Bullitt

In the absence of cars on the street and new material, I’m going to charge straight into the past.

Robert Klevenhagen07/04/2020 11:13

Lovely MGA tackling the spectacular Rally Clasico Mallorca

Focus on cars

Warning - Rambling in Progress

Last week, we looked at the start of recent 2020 Rally Clasico Mallorca and some of the action on the road.

Robert Klevenhagen31/03/2020 10:19

Majorcan vista at its best, AC adds a splash of contrast.

Focus on cars

Out for a spin

As usual, Majorca provided the stunning backgrounds and scenery which I personally never tire of.

Robert Klevenhagen24/03/2020 21:13

How about that for streamlining. Tatra’s trademark aerodynamics of the 870.

Focus on Cars

No Uphill Transport

Tatra is the name of the third oldest vehicle manufacturer in the world, having started producing cars in 1897.

Robert Klevenhagen17/03/2020 04:01

Rally Sol de Ponent

Focus on Cars

A Winter in...?

The Rally Sol de Ponent is a significant marker in the motoring calendar during the early part of each year.

Robert Klevenhagen09/03/2020 15:18

Gaston getting the competitors off at the start, and no it’s not a selfie

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The Drone, the Train and the Diver

The Classic Car Club’s February rally.

Robert Klevenhagen03/03/2020 12:50

Mercedes SLs in a row, pricey red one on the left

Focus on cars

Bits ‘n Pieces

So here are some more, plus a couple of other interesting wheeled machines.

Robert Klevenhagen25/02/2020 11:00

Focus on cars

Focus on cars

The Sweet Shop

Every colour, every make, all polished and ready to go.

Robert Klevenhagen11/02/2020 10:06

Classic colour toning display at the finish in Cala Ratjada

Focus on Cars

Blooming lovely

After a superb drive and with only a few minor navigational mishaps, all made it to the finish in Cala Ratjada.

Robert Klevenhagen05/02/2020 13:40