Views of the Soller Valley. | Rachel Fox


The countdown begins as some Soller businesses close for a few months at the end of October. Companies with a 2019 to celebrate are already seen on our seafront. On Friday the beach was full of the celebrations coming from the upstairs room of Es Canyis.As their lunch ended they had photo calls on the beach before the coach arrived to take them to their evening in Palma. There is no doubt that some companies have had a bumper year and are prepared to splash the cash to celebrate. We are all delighted with companies who share their success with their employees.

In Soller the deadlines are being met this week for those selling on their businesses this season. One hotel is reverting to being a private home and two more are selling to French cycling specialists.

Cycling matters on the whole island but for us a new market of hard man cyclists is developing. The ones that ride at night using helmet lights up the mountain trails.
This is plus those that pace themselves up the Coll mountain with its 50 something hair pin bends. Thank goodness for the cake, at the top, in Can Topa!

This is the traditional weekend for goodbyes as our summer people leave us until next Easter. So many of our friends are here half the year and then go back to do what they do in the UK and other countries. We are used to the travels that we all make where we go for a couple of weeks and then come home but this is different.

The six monthers have become an identifiable group and this is largely due to the restrictions on their time here imposed for tax reasons.

This state of affairs is shared all over Majorca and has an effect on the charitable work done. The Ex Pat community plays a huge part in the fund raising activities here and are always unfailingly generous with their time and money.

When they go missing for six months we miss both them and their input to Majorcan life.

This week sees a late half term weeks’ holiday for some of the International schools on the island. The public schools just get a day off on Friday for All Saints Day. This holiday brings in so many people to the Soller Valley to visit family graves and bring flowers. Soller, Fornalutx and Deya will be buzzing with family reunions and large table restaurant gatherings. This date is another in the calendar that marks the transition into the next season.

November dawns and on Saturday 2 November 2019 in Soller the Hexham Abbey Choir come to sing in St Bartholomew Church at 1.30 pm. They follow a beautiful wedding of a happy French couple. The weddings go on all year here and winter weddings are very popular for local people. So Saturday morning in Soller will give you the outstanding market full of Artisans and local produce. It gives the spectacle of a wedding and then the music of the oldest choir in the UK. Follow that with lunch in Soller or at the Port and you have a wonderful day out. The train and tram are both there to transport you and make your trip complete.

As the sun returns the memories of the torrential rains of the week are just that. We quickly forget that umbrellas exist. This particular rain was very welcome because it ticked all the boxes. It was heavy and went on for hours but it did not just bounce off the hard earth. It really made a difference to everything. The reservoirs are topped up to where they should be at this time of year and the land is green again. Majorca is a stunningly beautiful island and after a good wash and downpour it is exquisite. The light and clarity around the mountains make every journey a pleasure.

November sees the start of all the evening class activities for those that wish to join. Son Angelats Sports Centre has a new crop of classes for all ages and rhythms. Can Dulce Community Centre in Gran Via in Soller has a full timetable too. They are both hoping that all will join a new activity in our community this autumn. See you there…