The tram runs from Soller down to the port. | M.A. CAÑELLAS


November ushers in all the seasonal reviews of the season. Hotels, shops, businesses all look for someone to blame if the figures they hoped to attain didn’t work. The weather, the footfall, Brexit, competition and the list goes on and on. The one they don’t ever mention is their own pricing decisions and the fact that their goods and services might be just too expensive.

A classic example this week was when the Ajuntment of Fornalutx said they no longer wanted to be part of the Best Village in Spain promotion. This was an award they enjoyed a year ago which entitled them to advertise their status and enjoy the kudos. The bills are now coming in and the organisation has sent a bill for 2000 euros to Fornalutx to share in the marketing and continue on the list. Fornalutx has said ‘no thank you’. They know they have better things to spend their money on. This story hit the local paper on Friday and goes to prove that you always have to read the small print when accepting awards.


In my working life here I deal constantly with companies and organisations who want writing and advertising services for free.

I can have a rant but really I am raising an important issue for all the new businesses who are opening in Majorca in 2020. Never underestimate the power of the written word in copy, tweet, Instagram, Facebook or all the other mediums at your disposal. All new businesses need one or all of them in 2020. They all work if you have someone designated to work on them for your product or company and you pay for their work. If, however, you only play on social media as an afterthought or in the off season when you have time – forget it. The scattergun approach is best avoided. Sometimes no presence at all is better than this.

This week I have spent time with some of our new Soller businesses. The new bakers in the L’horta district of Soller is delightful. Great sour dough choices, cakes and savouries of all descriptions. Poetisa Fca Alcover is not in the heart of Soller but in the spot that is halfway between town and port. The Agromart shop has recently opened there and sits alongside the local food store and bars. L’horta is a special part of Soller with a huge history celebrated in the battle of the Moors and Christians which happens annually on 11 May. The Valiant Women came from this neck of the woods and have earned the ladies of the area the reputation of being feisty.

Another new business under review is the shell of the new restaurant due to open in the Puerto Soller. This is at the fishing boat end of the Port and minutes from where the fishermen sit mending their nets. The new buildings created there are working towards being fully functional in 2020 including the new fish market. The restaurant building is the last one to be finished and it occupies a magical space in the heart of the marina. If the restaurant, its food and ambience are as good as the location they will be very popular.

The site of this new venue is in the heart of La Base land. This is a pop up space for live music, food vans and a great bar. No-one knows whether a smart new restaurant is going to want this happening outside their door. The La Base crowd are keeping their fingers crossed but it remains to be seen what 2020 will bring.

The Soller Train is supporting the International Day of Children this week. This is a charity they have supported for some years. On November 20 2019 the proceeds from all Soller train journeys will be given to UNICEF. A great initiative which we are proud to support. Many of us will be making a train journey tomorrow to support the cause. The shop owners of Soller are waiting for your visit after a great trip on the train. The Puerto Soller also know that many will continue their visit on the Tram down to the Port. They are all open and waiting for you too. Why don’t you join us and come and see us in the Soller Valley this week – you are very welcome.