The Mallorca Files on BBC One. | Ultima Hora

The Mallorca Files was a big hit locally in Majorca and has broken BBC One daytime viewing records with over one million viewers for episode 1.

Episode 2:King of the Mountains sees Miranda (Elen Rhys) and Max (Julian Looman) take advantage of Ines’ (Miranda Fernandez-Ache) absence to investigate the disappearance of top Majorcan cyclist Esteban Domenech (Rafael Cebrian) during a routine training session.

However, their investigation creates more questions than it answers, with fingers pointed at Esteban’s team boss Franco Martinez (Philippe Smolikowski), his former coach Terry Davis (Sean Campion) and fellow teammate Phillipe Tromeur (Alaa Safi).

When a hot lead turns out to be nothing more than a red herring and Esteban’s model wife, Clara (Lucia Guerrero) receives a ransom demand, the tangled web of deceit grows thicker, prompting Miranda to investigate further. She uncovers a shocking truth, mistaken identity and plans for murder.

Away from the case, the rivalry between Miranda and Max grows when – inspired by their case – they challenge one another to a cycle race. Frustrated by Max’s boast of his cycling prowess, Miranda pushes herself to the limit to try and beat him. Will she succeed?

We have had mixed reviews of the series on our website and Facebook site, how does episode 2 fare?