The Mallorca Files, series 1 draws to a close on Friday. | Archivo


Half way through the final week and yesterday saw Max and Miranda face one of their most dangerous cases yet. When a top DJ was found dead, Max and Miranda investigated a sophisticated drug network.

Ep8: Death in the Morning

The brutal murder of famous British author and anti-bullfighting protestor Nicholas Mountford brings Max and Miranda to Cazador in the wild interior of Majorca.

Cazador is down on its luck, thanks the recent ban, so Mountford’s death is no tragedy and our two detectives are met with a wall of silence by the locals. The only exception is local town gossip, Roberta Garcia who just won’t shut up.

As Miranda and Max investigate the case, it’s clear that Cazador’s residents all have secrets they want to keep hidden. Miranda and Max have to break through the machismo and use their powers of deduction and persuasion if they want to solve this one.

The situation isn’t helped when Ines insists that the pair stay overnight, demanding the case is solved before they can return to Palma. The result is a night away, when hitherto suppressed emotions start bubbling to the surface.

So where in Majorca is Cazador?

The second series is still being filmed here on island.