The Mallorca Files Episode 9. Photo courtesy of Julian Looman - Instagram. | Instagram

It's the penultimate episode of series 1 of The Mallorca Files today.

Yesterday a British writer was discovered murdered, Max and Miranda explored a possible link with the bull fighting ban. Or was the author silenced because of events closer to home?

Many people didn't realise we have a bullring here in Palma, the Coliseo Balear Plaza de Toros is to the north of the city and still, controversially, holds bull fights along with other events such as concerts, Lionel Richie will be performing there next year.

Ep9: Mallorca’s Most Wanted

An apprehended drug dealer tips off Miranda and Max that Charlie King - an escapee accused of killing his girlfriend, Gaby - is back on the island to visit his dying father.

Ines introduces the pair to Detective Ramon Hernandez, her friend, mentor and lead detective on the Charlie King case back in the day. Max soon discovers that girlfriend Carmen has a connection to the incident too.

With Charlie impossible to find, someone must be helping him.

Look out this weekend for our exclusive interview with a cast member.