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The Christmas season with all the girls home in Soller was glorious. The sun shone and everyone avoided the flu and winter lurgies. As life went back to normal for my daughter and son in law and work beckoned, it was time for a trip. ‘Nan’s Day Out’ is a tradition in my family and I am humoured by the older ones who probably have much more exciting things to do. This trip it was my pleasure to have all three of them singing in the car making the journey to Deya very loud.

Rave music was the choice and reminded me of the days their Mum was clubbing it in London in her teenage years. ‘Rave’ is very much in Lucia’s mind-set and I promised to listen without turning down the volume. I survived and the goats and sheep alongside the route swiftly ran back into the undergrowth. The route from Soller to Deya along the coast road never ceases to please me. Especially at this time of year when cars are few. We arrived to find the car park covered in a marquee. The New Year party for Deya was obviously held there and the tidy up has yet to begin.

One main street for Deya with interesting additions up the side roads. Fine restaurants rub alongside the hippy past of Sa Fonda and other cafes. All this was irrelevant on Thursday 2 January 2020. Everything was shut and not a coffee, anywhere, was available. Our mission was St John’s church at the top of the hill and we joined others making the walk up the steep slope. The views across the valley in the sunshine were just spectacular and no-one would have believed it was January. Lone boats out to the distance were gently gliding on the flat, glassy sea.

St John’s church and the famous graveyard was our mission and the others that had made the walk. The Belen in the Church is famous and is on the route of Majorca’s best. A quick glance is interesting but a real study is fascinating. The creation of the figures and the landscapes is added to every year. This one had no moving parts that I could see, unlike the spectacular Belen in Soller at the St Vincent de Paul school.

Belen in DeyaThe Belen.

St John’s church is one of the most popular wedding venues in Majorca. Often linked with receptions in the Residencia or the Es Moli hotels. The acoustics are wonderful for the choirs who sing and the ancient organ a delight. Few people have permission to use the organ but our revered pianist of Soller, Suzanne Bradbury is one of them. I told the girls of the weddings the Georgie Insull Singers have sung at with famous couples tying the knot. Richard Branson was sometimes amongst the guests and could have auditioned us many times.

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The walk back to the car still did not produce lunch or even a coffee so the journey back to Soller began. Can Lluis was our destination for their excellent menu of the day. Just on the main road next to the petrol station, it is a favourite. Cyclists and travellers pass through but for residents it is just home from home. One of the owners spent years serving us at Café Central in Soller before doing his own thing here. Then it was time for the next phase of Nan’s Day Out for Christmas.

A family trip to the cinema, picking up Mum and Dad on the way. Little Women, in English was being shown at CineCiutat. This is at Escorxador Commercial Cultural Center
Address : Carrer de l’Emperadriu Eugènia, 6, 07010 Palma, Illes Balears
Phone : 971 20 54 53. See Where to go and what to see for times.

This cinema is the easiest to get to from Soller and with easy parking, it is a favourite. Our family does its own version of Little Women and sometimes I think that my son-in-law deserves a medal. I loved the film and the way it pulled the past and present into a great story. I am sure it would be confusing for those who have never read the book but for our family that wasn’t a problem. A real Christmas family outing was enjoyed by us all.

So Nan’s Day Out for 2020 started with this lovely day in the company of my daughter, granddaughters and their long suffering Dad. A great New Year present and the beginning of all change again. Next week school starts here for Mimi and Evellia and a return to the UK for Lucia. University of Sussex, hard work, great friends and the occasional rave awaits her.

All our pleasures of the day an be yours if you care to follow our footsteps. The Belen in Deya can be seen from 11 to 5 pm each day.

Belen in Deya

Can Lluis, in Soller and its menu of the day is open every day except Sunday. Check the times of Little Women with the cinema, it is being shown three times a day at the moment.