All inclusives

Dear Sir

As a regular visitor to Majorca I would like to comment on what you describe as a drink ban. We always used to stay half board but for the last 12 years and 14 visits we have stayed on an all inclusive basis.

Although now regarded as the older generation in those 14 visits there has only been 2 occasions where we have seen anyone drunk. One was in Santa Ponsa where we stayed AI twice and once in Palmanova where we will be visiting again this year and have stayed 10 times.

I believe this shows that if policed properly by all staff especially bar staff bad behaviour and drunkenness within AI hotels can be almost eradicated, as both the times I have mentioned, one was put to bed and the other refused service.

Yes both are 4 star premium hotels with Tui but all AI hotels should have the same policy. Take the problem outside however and the problem is much larger, free shots and drinking games have become the norm and bars serving young men and women when they are obviously too drunk to know what they are doing should be fined heavily and forced to answer for their actions.

That said if someone wants to get blind drunk you are never going to stop it, ask any police force in any city in any country. Large alcohol consumption is nothing new and no matter how you try to stop it will continue, I and nearly everyone else of any generation who likes to have a drink will have been in the same situation at sometime.

Of course given time most of us know we have reached our limit and while still enjoying having an alcoholic drink know when to stop, this will be no different with this generation or the ones that follow. There are no all inclusive pubs where I live but there is still lots of young drunks every weekend, and those who are older of course.

The simple fact is this people go away to have a good time, some to sunbathe and party and some to sightsee, we have all been young and those who drink been drunk. It is up to bar staff and bar owners to realise when someone has definitely had enough to drink and refuse service and forget about profit.

Of course this will never happen like stopping people getting drunk will never happen, as for people like myself and my generation we have to remember we were no different at their age, except we did not make trouble for anyone else. THAT I CAN REMEMBER!