Dear Sir,
My son and I put ourselves into isolation over a week ago, after being told by local people, I as an old age pensioner was not allowed to leave the house. Then it trickled through that my son wasn’t allowed to accompany me in the car to anywhere, as apart from me being out, we would be two in one car.

No chemist, no bank, the nearest hole in the wall for me to get money from is in Portocolom or Cala d’Or. Unable to go to the post office to pay my electric, which by now could be cut off. Luckily I was able to arrange for the telephone bill coming out of my account, instead of coming through the post, which it has done for 32 years, but I have to get to that bank in Cala d’Or or Portocolom to put money in from my English pension, to make sure it can be paid.

We were so pleased there were only 3 cases (enough) of the virus infected people in hospital in Palma.

Now, we learn of umpteen flights landing today from Spain and elsewhere.......I can really empathise with certain people wanting to come back to their homes in this disastrous time, even from countries infested with the virus.

But why was I made to self isolate, with the threat of a 600e fine if I was stopped by the police, or heaven knows how much more if my son was accompanying me for security in my car? Why was I told I couldn’t go for a walk, all just hearsay, nothing official.No nice polite officer telling me, as I was old it was best to do this and do that, just hearsay.

My son is my carer and he comes with me to the hospital, chemist, Manacor shops to help with the big shop, dentist. Does all my sorting out with the telephone for me, as he speaks Spanish so well.

He is out of work, as he was laid off, when he had worked for 18 months for a building company in our village, in Cala Murada. Apparently the normal happening, but he was never told this. He has been a builder with his father for 21 years, so has always had this security, but when his father died 12 years ago......no-one offered him work and most knew in the village he was a good worker and a nice young man of 53.

He has come to the end of his dole money and needs help, but he is not allowed to drive, as his license has run out. He needs to see our Gestoria in Cala D’or, to arrange an appointment with the Manacor office, but I can’t drive him there.

I can’t even drive up to the Association and pay my water bill, they used to call at the house, but as the village got bigger and bigger, that stopped. I can’t take my garden rubbish to the dump, because I could be fined 600 euros if the police thought it wasn’t a good enough excuse to be out.

Thankfully, my dog is paralysed, so doesn’t need daily walks, which I would have to do in the dark.......just in case!

I was honestly quite happy to self isolate and my son.....but to have the airport still open, I really thought that was the truth when told all EU borders were now closed!

I cannot imagine a worse lie, being old and English, I have never experienced such lies!
Not your fault I know, but definitely not mine or my son’s.

Kindest regards,
Gaynor Gadd
Cala Murada