Alexander working at home.


The lockdown in Majorca has put plenty of adults into a spin as they cope with the anxiety and boredom, but what about the kids in Majorca? How are they coping? If you are a kid of the 80s then you will know about the “Why don’t you?” Gang who would implore us all to “Switch off the television and go and do something less boring instead”, and I truly hope that kids and their parents are doing that.

Certainly this young man, Alexander Scott, has come up with a pleasing way to keep himself occupied during quarantine and do something that he loves to do, draw. Alexander, who is twelve “and a bit” years old, and a pupil at Queens College, lives with his family in the SW village of Es Capdella. His father, Jason Scott, posted an advert from Alexander on Facebook recently which is how I got to know about his son’s talent, and I think you will agree, this young chap has a gift.

Views of Es Capdella.

“I am posting this on behalf of Alexander,” Jason wrote, “To keep busy and earn some pocket money during the Covid-19 lockdown, I’m offering to draw your house in architect pens. All you have to do is send me a photo and tell me what size you want. I can draw on a postcard or A4 art paper, black pen on white. I think you’ll be very happy. A postcard is 5€, A4 art paper 10€”.

Initially intending for it only to be for his village neighbours Alexander was thrilled with the island wide and international feedback his dad’s advert brought. Jason said, “It's great to see a talent recognised at a young age, and encouraging it can only be good. I'm also really keen to teach the kids some lessons from the lockdown, which must seem even crazier to them than it does to us. Their futures could mean more of these, but teaching them to be still, to enjoy what they have, who and where they are, and to develop and use their talents to earn money, whatever the situation, has to surely be a positive from this situation”.

Beautiful work from AlexanderBeautiful work from Alexander.

I hope most parents would wholeheartedly agree that finding the positive learning experiences that our kids can gain from this period in their lives could be extremely valuable to them as they grow into adults. I spoke to Alex on the phone to ask him about his love of drawing.

Vicki McLeod: How long have you been drawing?

Alexander Scott: I’ve always been drawing, since I was a little boy.

VM: Did it come naturally to you?

AS: Yes, no one ever forced me, I just love to draw!

VM: Why do you like to draw houses?

AS: You can have so many different points of view, of what a house can be and look like, there are endless possibilities. We have a really cool view from our house looking down on the village, of the houses and the mountains in the background and I really like to draw the different aspects of that. Sometimes I focus on one house or another.

Fabulous drawing skillsFabulous drawing skills.

VM: What is it that you like about drawing?

AS: I get to spend time with myself, and I like to draw on my own.

VM: How long does it take you to complete a piece?

AS: Depends on how much detail I put into it I would say half an hour to one and a half hours.

VM: What else do you like to draw or is it just houses? What kind of materials do you use?

AS: I have done some paintings, and cartoons, I like drawing my own ideas for them. I’ve dones some watercolours as well which I fill in when I have inked the drawing outline. I prefer to use architectural pens. I use different ones for various styles and textures. My favourite brand is coded in numbers, and my favourite colour to use at the moment is an oaky brown colour.

Pages from his personal notebookPages from his personal notebook.

VM: Can you envisage a career as an artist, or do you have other plans for when you are an adult?

AS: (laughs) When I was little loads of people asked me that! My friend Oscar wants to be a vet, and I said I wanted to be an architect or a designer so we thought we could make a funny business together.

VM: Designing pet houses!

AS: Then I was more interested in drawing and designing machines, but I think drawing houses is what I like to do. I think when I grow up I would like to be an architect.

VM: Do you draw existing houses that you can see or do you make them up as well?

AS: I have a notebook with loads of different things in it which I have drawn over the past few years, which I draw when I see or get inspiration from interesting buildings I have seen. I like to work on the colours and textures.

Original work by AlexanderOriginal work by Alexander.

VM: What do you think of the response to the ad your dad put in Facebook?

AS: At first I thought no one would want a drawing, but then I saw the responses and comments and thought WOW that’s a lot of people who want one! I have already done a few, and I am working on new commissions right now.

VM: Perhaps it is a business you could keep going after we are allowed back to work and school?

AS: It is cool to do, it would be fun to do in the future.

VM: As a person who does a job she loves, writing, when you get good at it and lots of people want you to do it for them, like you with your art, remember not to get too stressed out and remember why you love it, okay? Do you have any advice for kids on lockdown?

AS: (Laughs) Try your hardest not to go crazy!

And with that this polite and talented young man went back to his sketching. He is able to accept commissions via email so please contact him via: with your commission.

Easter competitions for children

If you are looking for things to do with your children during the lockdown the Facebook group ( in collaboration with the Majorca Daily Bulletin will be running some competitions over the Easter period including Easter Egg Decoration, a Treasure Hunt and an Easter Bonnet competition. Prizes include Easter Eggs from Nice Price, a facial, a full body massage, family meals out, and many other things. Keep an eye on our page for more information and to get involved.