Etiqueta 'community spirit'
Alexander working at home.


Isolation breeds creativity

"At first I thought no one would want a drawing, but then I saw the responses and comments and thought WOW that’s a lot of people who want one!"

Vicki McLeod11/04/2020 11:59

Artist Daxa Parmar


“Everything, and Nothing” Daxa Parmar

“Have you ever tried to do and think of nothing? It's really hard, isn't it?"

Vicki McLeod10/04/2020 11:18

Rafael Nadal


Rafael Nadal urges fans to 'stay active' while self-quarantining

Nadal has been active on social media updating his fans about how has he been spending time during the quarantine.

Agency06/04/2020 13:52

Leave people to their activities


At Home Together

Many of us are living in less than ideal situations and we have to try to make the best of it.

Vicki McLeod04/04/2020 12:47

American singer and song writer Chris Mann

My Column

A song and dance about humanity

We need solidarity, kindness and humour like never before. There ain’t no room for irritation or froideur.

Anna Nicholas04/04/2020 12:15

Mise White, Ayurvedic Coach


At Home Together

Ayurvedic medicine relies a lot on the medicinal properties of food.

Vicki McLeod02/04/2020 14:49

Mask process


At Home Together

In the “Majorca, Mallorca, At Home Together” group there has been plenty of mask making activity going on with local resident Ann Calverley leading the charge.

Vicki McLeod01/04/2020 14:21


The social virus

For the first time ever the world is in lockdown but social media is a game changer.

Humphrey Carter01/04/2020 10:47


In lockdown

“This crisis does appear to have brought people together while in lockdown.”

Jason Moore31/03/2020 10:37


The lucky ones

"My generation have never really had to face hardship but we are coping..."

Jason Moore27/03/2020 04:01

Anna Nicholas

My Column

Life goes by

For now, this is a golden opportunity to listen to silence, embrace one’s family and friends and reach out to those in need even virtually.

Anna Nicholas27/03/2020 16:16