Geordie the clown and children donating food items. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Over the past weeks, I have written about Association Es Tardor two or three times. In case you have not heard of them before, where have you been? Tardor helps the homeless, and people who have “fallen through the cracks” of the social security system on the island. But due to the current situation where there are so many more people needing help, Associació Tardor has been running out of food. Normally it can rely on local restaurants and cafes which donate excess food, but as none had been open the situation had become desperate. The yachting community in the shape of Yachting Gives Back, and the 20€ challenge from SR Coating and the individual efforts from lots of good souls, including Saloua Sfar from A Ma Maison, all rallied together and helped the Association by bringing them food, cooked meals and money.

But now, my most favourite purple-haired buddy, Geordi the clown, has joined the charge. Geordi is normally a children’s entertainer. During the lockdown, he and his sidekick Chispita made some charming and heartwarming videos wishing children happy birthdays, and they also made a fabulous video for my husband. They wished him a happy birthday and played him a song on the ukulele, gently mentioning the fact that he was definitely NOT a child but that everyone should celebrate their happy days. I am not ashamed to say it made all of my family cry it was so lovely. So, I have a soft spot for Geordi, which has only grown since I have seen his latest mission: that of encouraging kids and their families to donate food and essential items to Tardor.

Would you like a visit from Geordi the clown? All you have to do is collect some food for Association Tardor and Geordi will come to collect it from you and say hello to you and your children. What a sweet initiative. You can call or WhatsApp Geordi on 639 32 01 64 to ask him when he is in your area, for example, I know that he tends to visit the south coast/Calvia area on a Thursday. What a great reward for your children if they are interested to help others who need it.

If you need any help from Association Tardor, then you can find them on Facebook at, you can also offer to help them yourself and get involved. Or ask your local council for details of their foodbank and donate directly there. Although the lockdown is ending the financial situation for many people is only worsening so we will need to continue to support and care for our community for the foreseeable future. Say hi to Geordi for me if you see him, and ask him to sing for you, he has the sweetest voice!